Device Roundup: Toric IOL Alignment
Presbyopia Perspectives: A GLOBAL DISCUSSION
Multifocal IOL in an unemployed patient
Comment on Associations between anterior segment
Toric IOL Rotation Hypotheses Mistakes and Opportunity
L'intelligence artificielle est-elle supérieure aux formules de calcul d'implants toriques de dernière génération?
ESCRS 2021 - Eposter PCME DEX
ESCRS 2021 - Eposter MICS YAG
ESCRS 2021 - Free Paper EDOF Final
Une nouvelle lentille intra-oculaire EDOF : l'IsoPure 1.2.3
Early Presbyopia in a Patient With High Hyperopia.
Three elements must be considered to achieve the maximal results.
The importance of microsurgical instruments that facilitate adaptability
Microincision cataract surgery with implantation of a bitoric intraocular...
EDOF Synthesis Plus
 Robotisation et nouvel exercice
Les différentes approches chirurgicales de la correction de l'astigmatisme en chirurgie cristallinienne
Practical Guide for Premium IOLs in 2017
The best way to spend your money
Patient education enhanced by digital presentation
 Easy MICS.
La chirurgie de la cataracte.
Callisto Eye Seamless Integration With Other Products.
Clinical Outcomes With a Trifocal Intraocular Lens_A Multicenter study
 Visual and refractive outcomes after implantation of a fully diffractive trifocal lens
Résultats après implantation d’un implant trifocal diffractif.
New implant with trifocal optic might bridge intermediate vision gap.
Injecteur pré-chargé 123-PhysIOL.
 Quelle est l’importance de bien connaître son équipement pour réussir sa procédure
La MICS en 10 questions
Symposium Franco-Belge.
How to perform the best incision in MICS.
How to Perform Biaxial in 2008
Biaxial technique offers stable chamber and safer procedures
 Les injecteurs destinés à la micro-incision.
Ocular hypotensive efficacy and safety of once daily carteolol alginate

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